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In Pain Die

hey hey there, im Ant and im a big fan of death metal, grindcore, hardcore, melodic death, thrash and metalcore. just thaught id mention im in a band myself if anyone feels like checkin us out, id appreciate any feed back you might have n stuff.

we're called In Pain Die and we are a Northern Metal band from the UK. we fall somewhere between hardcore, thrash and death metal. hopefully any of you who are into the following influences of ours, will be into us: our influences include Hatebreed, Carcass, Morbid Angel, Sepultura, Crowbar, Machine Head, Slayer, Biohazard, Pantera, Obituary, Vader, Six Feet Under, Deicide, Madball, Killswitch Engage...etc etc

our entire new Cd can be streamed/downloaded via: (we'd appreciate any thaughts/opinions/feed-back you might have)

additionally for those who like what they hear and wanna hear more, our entire mp3 back catalogue is available on our site: (where you can also find our all new music video!)

cheers..look forward to hearin wat yas have to say...
AnT & In Pain Die
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