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first true post here. Im a huge metal fan, ranging from the black metal of Venom and Mayhem, the Bay Area thrash scene, early power metal, Viking metal, and death metal. My biggest passion is the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal. Right now my collection is pretty small, consisting of the first Angel Witch album, the first two Witchfinder General albums, a bunch of Maiden albums, and a few Venom albums. If anyone has any NWOBHM to spare, please contact me. I'd prefer CDs, but tapes and vinyl is totally acceptable. My main targets are Arragorn, Bitch's Sin, Split Beaver, Vardis, White Spirit, Saxon, Diamond Head, Blitzkreig, Witchfynde, Quartz, Raven, Satan, Tank, more Angel Witch, early Def Lepard, No Quarter, etc. If you can help me out, thank you.
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