Merry Hatebear (hatebear) wrote in metalmixtapes,
Merry Hatebear

Hi I'll Introduce My Music...

I just joined and thought I'd say hi and let everyone know what I have. Not much but I'll list it. This is the metal I have and a FEW things that aren't metal but may be of interest. If you want to know which albums just ask. Burzum, Anal Cunt, Nile, Cradle Of Filth, Darkthrone, Bal-Sagoth, Iron Maiden, GG Allin, WASP, Dark Funeral, Samhain, Mortiis, Son Of Sam, Choking Victim, Dimmu Borgir.

I could only make cassette tapes and would need time to get it done as I'm unemployed and would need to get money together for a tape and mailing it out. I myself am looking to hear some different Black Metal. I don't care what kind really. I like nice symphonic black metal but I also like more Viking/Battle style and also NSBM.
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