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my updated cd list. will trade in cdr's, i want lots of people to trade with me, but a lot of my stuff is shit. so yeah, click.

A perfect circle – mer de noms
Aborted - Engineering The Dead
Abruptum - De Profundis Mors Das Cousumet
Absu - tara
Afi – all hallows ep
Afi – black sails in the sunset
Afi – very proud of ya
Afi – answer that and stay fashionable
Afi – shut your mouth and open your eyes
Afi – the art of drowning
Agents of oblivion – s/t
Alas – Absolute Purity
Amen – we have come for your parents
Anathema - Resonance 2
anathema - serenades
Ancient Rites – Dim Carcosa
Arch enemy – wages of sin
Arcturus – Aspera Hiems Symfonia, Constellation, My angel (2cd)
Armoured saint – nod to the old school
Ars – Moriendi
At the drive-in – relationship of command
Athena – twilight of days
Bauhaus – burning from the inside
Bazzah – death is all I see
Black Sabbath – we sold our soul for rock n roll
Bloodthorn – under the reign of terror
Bludgeon – crucify the priest
Candlelight collection - volume 4
Ceremony – the days before the death
children of bodom - follow the reaper
cky - volume 1
Control denied – the fragile art of existence
Crack Up - Dead End Run
Cradle of filth – midian
Dark Funeral – teach children to worship satan
Death – scream bloody gore
Death – symbolic
Death - leprosy
Death – individual thought patterns
Death – spiritual healing
Deicide – in torment, in hell
Downfall – mein Selbstzerstorung
Diabolic – Subterraneal magnitude
Dies Irae – immolated
Dio – killing the dragon
Disturbed – the sickness
Earthtone9 - hi-point
Emperor – anthems to the welkin at dusk
Ex-Cathedra - 2x4=
Exmortem – Bezerker Legions
Evergrey – in search of the truth
Evoke - The fury written
Faith no more - the real thing
Fear not carnival in coal - Carnival in coal
Filthy Christians – mean
Glassjaw – everything you ever wanted to know about silence
glassjaw - worship and tribute
Godgory – Sea of dreams
Godgory - shadows dance
Green Day – insomniac
Green Day – dookie
Halo – still here e.p
Hatebreed – satisfaction is the death of desire
Hecate Enthroned - Miasma
Hundred reasons – singles club 2
Iced Earth - The Melancholy e.p.
Immolation – failures for gods
immortal - battles in the north
In flames – clayman
Invasion – conquered
Joe Satriani – Strange beautiful music
Kaowin – prologue (promo copy)
Katatonia – last fair deal gone down
Katatonia – tonight’s decision
Kill your management – volume 2
King adora – suffocate
Korn – s/t
Kyuss - …and the circus leaves the town
Kyuss – blues for the red sun
Labyrinth - Songs Of Thunder
Machinegun – s/t
Malhavok – the lazarus complex
Manowar - anthology
Marilyn manson – mechanical animals
Marilyn manson – holy wood
meat puppets - golden lies
Megadeth – cryptic writings
Mercyless – sure to be pure
Misfits – walk among us
Morbid angel – blessed are the sick
Morifade – Imaginarium
Mörk Gryning - Maelstrom Chaos
Music From Chicago Cab
My dying bride – mix cd
my dying bride - the light at the end of the world
My dying bride – the voice of the wretched
Narnia – desert land
Nine inch nails – and all that could have been (2cd)
Nitro comp – punkzilla
Obituary – world demise
opeth - blackwater park (2cd re-issue)
Opeth - still life
Orange goblin – time travelling blues
Organ radio comp
Panku – promo cd1
Pantera – official live:101 proof
Pantera – cowboys from hell
Pantera – reinventing the steel
Pantera – far beyond driven
Pantera – great southern trendkill
Paradise lost – gothic
paradise lost - lost paradise
Pigfish – the reverend james
Placebo – s/t
Placebo – without you im nothing
Placebo – black market music
Poisen the well – opposite of December
Primordial – the burning season
Queens of the Stonage – Rated R
Queensryche - Live Evolution
Razorwire – guttermouth
Razorwire – music to fuck girls by
Red hot chili peppers – one hot minute
Red hot chili peppers – californication
Red hot chilli peppers – the red hot chili peppers
Roadrunner records – ‘new shit’
Rotting Christ – Khronos 666
rotting christ - a dead poem
Santoro – s/t
Sepultura – against
Sepultura – the roots of sepultura
Sex pistols – raw
Shark Attack - Discography
Silverchair – best of: volume 1
Slayer – god hates us all
Slayer - Diabolus in musica
Sodom – m-16
Soilwork – A predator’s portrait
Soulfly – back to the primitive
Space – spiders
Spineshank – the height of callousness
Stampin’ ground – carved from empty words
Stampin’ ground – demons run amok
Stampin’ ground – an expression of repressed violence
Static-X – machine
Static-X – Wisconsin death trip
Stone temple pilots – core
Stone temple pilots – shangri- La dee da
Sunna - Power Struggle
superjoint ritual - use once and destroy
System of a down – toxicity
Testament – First strike still deadly
The Crocketts - James Dean-Esque
The cure – staring at the sea
The faint – danse macambre
The strokes – is this it?
Therapy? - Gimme Back My Brain
Thorn.Eleven - s/t or something, doesn't have a title
Throneaeon – neither of gods
Tool – aenima
Tool – lateralus
Velvet Acid Christ - Twisted Thought Generator
venom - black metal
VNVNATION - Beloved.1
Vomitory – blood rapture
W.A.S.P – Dying for the world
Warhorse – as heaven turns to ash
Warrior – the code of life
Weezer – blue album
Weezer – green album
Winters Bane - Heart Of A Killer (2cd re-issue with a live disc + demo tracks)
Zebulon – volume 1

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